PAX South Show

I've been working hard on my latest VR show, and I'll be unveiling it tonight both in person at PAX South and virtually on TheWaveVR. If you're going to PAX South, come check out this dope party put on by Oculus, Houston Gaymers, and GGP at The Bonham Exchange (411 Bonham St.). I'll be throwin down danceable grooves at 9 PM!

Not going to PAX? Download TheWaveVR and come check out my set anyway! No VR headset required!


So psyched to announce my latest track, O. This is the pool party banger you've been waiting for. A symphony of tasty synths take you on a summery sonic journey straight to the dance floor.

Give it a listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

Colonel Bass Reporting For Duty

I've got a fresh, fresh new dance track out today. It highlights the elements of house music that I've always loved: the driving four-on-the-floor beat, the bass line as the main focus, and the spice of subtle rhythm elements that the untrained ear may miss entirely. This one really makes my head bob uncontrollably, and I hope it does the same to yours.

You can hear Colonel Bass on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and anywhere else music is streamed, sold, pirated, bartered, or traded.

DreamHack 2018

I'm also opening up the main stage at DreamHack Austin this weekend with a DJ set, and closing out the main stage after Krewella with a VRDJ set. If you're gonna be there this weekend, come by and say hi! I'm on at 7 PM and 11 PM on Friday.

If you're not going to DreamHack, but you do have a VR headset (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift), you can catch my set on the virtual interwebs! Just download TheWaveVR for free on Steam or Oculus and hop in at 11 PM tomorrow night!

Let's chill.

I've been chillin on some chilltastic tunes, and today I finally get to let you in on the chillness. A lot of the chillery heard on this track is the result of a weird thing I've been doing in the studio where I record a synth line with the intention of making it sound as much like a guitar as possible. The results are, well, pretty chill.

Check out Chillhouette on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere else.

It's here! My new track, Good Condition, is out on:

I had a lot of fun making this track, because I got to try out a weird new workflow. First, I recorded a couple of guitar riffs that laid the foundation for the groove. Then, I recorded bass, sequenced some rock drums, and then layered on more guitar. Once I had a good mix and a crisp sounding master, I immediately dumped the track back into Ableton and started remixing it.

After a new bass line, some fat house drums, and a healthy does of T Blank synths, "Good Condition" began to really take shape. I wanted something that felt like a 90s Daft Punk track, with a simple yet satisfying progression, but with a bit more of a modern take production-wise. Hope you dig it!

This new year has got me feeling particularly psyched. I don't know if it's the cryptocurrency boom, or the white winter we've seen so far in Austin, but there is definitely magic in the air.

I've been easily slipping into a flow state working on music lately, and there is just no better feeling in the world. I feel like a big problem I've had producing music in the past is unwillingness to throw a part that I've been working on in the trash. Every creative person knows that you can't produce 100% quality art all the time, and sometimes you just have to get your terrible ideas out. Give them a shot. Get them out of your system and move on. Just because I spent hours tweaking some synthesizer sound doesn't mean it's good, and I'm getting better at parting with my mediocre work.

If you're a creative type, I hope this year brings you some newfound confidence and drive. If it's been too long, blow the dust off and create something new! We need your creativity here in 2018.


I'm a music technician.

I was raised on Classic Rock and Mo-Town in Austin, TX, and enlightened by the electronic music scene in Los Angeles.

Now I DJ in virtual reality like it's 2049 and patch modular synths like it's 1982. Life is weird.

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